Keep Your Natural Stone, Looking Natural! Here’s how…

First, figure out what category your natural stone falls into.  Is it siliceous stone or calcareous stone. This is very important when applying cleaning products.  Siliceous stone is composed mainly of silica or quartz-like particles which is very durable and relatively easy to clean. For example, granite, slate, sandstone, quartzite, brownstone, and bluestone.

On the other hand, calcareous stone is composed mainly of calcium carbonate which is sensitive to acidic cleaning products and requires completely different cleaning procedures than siliceous stone.  For example, marble, travertine, limestone, and onyx.  marble Cleaning products and procedures will have different results depending on your type of natural stone.  Second, what is the current condition of your natural stone?  Use the following checklist to make an assessment before you get to cleaning or hiring someone.

  1.  Are the tiles flat and even?  Uneven tiles may result in the floor needing to be ground flat, honed, and then polished.
  2. Are there any cracked tiles?  Cracked tiles will allow dirt and other debris to accumulate in the cracks. This may require that the tiles be replaced, or at a minimum, filled.
  3. Has the stone been coated with any waxes, acrylics, enhancers, or other coatings?   Are there any staining or  are there any signs that the sealer has worn off?  Knowing the type of stain (organic, oil-based, etc.) will help in finding the proper stain removal technique needed. Also, knowing how many times the stone has had stains or spills will play a role in determining if an application of a sealer is required.

The bottom line is the more you know about your natural stone, the better we can serve your natural stone needs.  Elite Floor and Furniture Cleaning specializes in natural stone care.  Let me know what your concerns are, we are happy to help.  480-710-4110