Now more than ever, commercial floor cleaning is vital!

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s difficult to find peace of mind.  From my point of view, working in a clean environment reduces stress.  After all, you can’t change the behavior of people around you, but you have control over how clean your workplace is.

You can see why hospitals, emergency rooms, dentists’ offices, physical therapy offices and other medical facilities need to regularly clean their floors.  The spread of bacteria and viruses exponentially grows on dirt.  In fact, it thrives because the accumulation of dirt is a source of food for germs.  Most importantly, these places could be the carriers of germs that spread to visitors and workers.

For tile floors, dirt and debris will always manage to get into the crevices of grout lines.  The best method to slow down the accumulation of dirt is regularly having tile floors  cleaned.  See what a professional clean can do!

Dirt embedded in grout lines to the left. Removal of dirt on the right

It is an absolute MUST for public areas, hotels and commercial businesses that have carpet in their main traffic areas to have their carpets cleaned with hot water extraction.  The steam created from the hot water deeply penetrates carpet fibers to loosen embedded dirt or old deposits from previous spills.

Think about how many people walked through your bank’s carpeted floors on a daily basis.  What about the children that have crawled or walked at your local library.  No matter the age of the visitors, we all are harboring different germs into public spaces.  The most vulnerable demographics; the elderly and children will benefit from the removal of dust and grime that has been accumulating in the carpet which will reduce irritation in the lungs.  The accumulation of debris in carpet will be noticeable by your nose.   When a musty odor is present that means that facility needs a professional carpet cleaner.

Community centers, such as the local YMCA will have vinyl composition tile (VCT).  Although durable, over time VCT will show its wear and tear.  A commercial floor cleaning can bring back its shine as well as sanitize the floor.

To be redundant, the workplace is a good place to start regular cleaning, now more than ever.  Let’s be prepared to have a sanitized workplace when the economy opens!newyorklego

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