Are Your Countertops Taking a Beating From Cooking at Home?

We are all spending extra time in the kitchen since the coronavirus pandemic. This uptick in activity in your kitchen, also means more hard water stains around your countertop sinks too. Plus, you might have some extra guests using your bathrooms. Although, we usually have family visit from the Midwest during this time, this year will be smaller and quieter. For now, I’m being mindful of protecting my family and employees. At the same time I’m still going to enjoy Fall activities; you know what I’m talking about, carving pumpkins, grilling and baking seasonal foods and decorating the house with Fall decorations.

Okay, I’ll admit, my wife is 80% in responsible for those activities but I definitely do my share when it comes to eating holiday treats and I love the smells coming from a busy kitchen.

Making buckeyes (chocolate covered peanut butter sweets) with my daughter Ava.

So to give back to your countertops that may be taking a beating, I’ve put together a quick video about how to keep your natural stone counter tops looking beautiful! Click below.

Caring for Your Countertops and Special Deal from Elite Floor & Furniture