Cleaner Checklist

cleaner checklist

In finding a Carpet Cleaning Company, proper research should be done in order to make the proper decision. Doing little to no research at all will most likely result in honest clients being tricked into trusting a company with horrible service. Elite Floor & Furniture Cleaning believes that even if you’re outside of our service area, we still believe it is our duty to help you find the best Carpet Cleaning service in your particular area. Here, we provide you with a checklist of what to find in a good, honest company, and what to ask the cleaning service company if you happen to find interest in them.


Carpet Cleaning Company Hunt Checklist:


___ Make sure the cleaning company is certified by The Clean Trust/IICRC or another reliable institution.

___ Check to see if the carpet cleaning company is offering a price that seems extremely low. If so, steer clear.

___ Check to see if the carpet cleaning company hires sub-contractors. If so, they will not be able to guarantee prices or quality of service.

___ Always check on customer review websites for feedback from those that have dealt with the cleaning company before.

___ Ask if the carpet cleaning company can clean any and all stains. If they say, “yes,” they are either lying or are not well-versed in the proper carpet cleaning techniques.

___ Make sure the van they have is clearly marked with a legitimate logo/contact information/website.

___ Request for a quote for the same area twice, a few days apart, to check for consistency.

___ Professional Carpet Cleaning Services should have staff that do not push anything the potential client doesn’t need. Take note of this when you call the company and speak to one of their representatives.