Elite WILL UP hold your upholstery…

Elite WILL UP hold your upholstery to ensure the best protection and care!
1. We prepare the way for effective results. As we inspect the furniture to be cleaned we note all trouble areas and may ask a few pertinent questions to determine stain compositions. We take this information into account as we pick the cleaning solutions that would result in the best results for your particular staining or type of leather. We eradicate loose soil, crumbs, pet hair and mystery particles as needed before we apply your furniture’s own custom cleaning solution.

2. Next we begin our cleaning method. We inject and work in our deeply sanitizing foam into your furniture-literally covering it in a substance similar in appearance to shaving cream. This cleansing foam instantly attracts the two elements dirty furniture contains: soil and soil attractants. The soil alone isn’t our main concern.20140822_144850It’s the sticky arms of body oil and second-hand cooking, as well as old sugar-containing spill residue that really cause otherwise loose soil particles to tightly cling to highly-used areas on your furniture. These sticky soil attractants are what really makes the persistent darkening dirty spots you see growing in size on your furniture. ( In addition to gummy atmospheric pollutants that have settled into your furniture, such as automobile fumes from outside) After our foam has collected this jungle of filth, we whisk it right out of your furniture by hand with towels until no more soil is transferred.

20150601_1243013. Next, we hand-clean stubborn stains. Most stains will be gone by this point, but usually there are some that remain and so need extra attention. In response, we will treat each of these by hand on an individual basis. We have extensive stain composition knowledge of leather furniture cleaning. In other words, we size up tricky stains and pick battle gear with a skillful eye. (The leather chair below is reflective of cleaning done by hand) After we use these skills to reawaken persistent stains to moist open states and then clean them.

20141003_1900134. Extra-soiled areas receive special attention. Likewise, very heavily soiled areas will also be specially double-treated at this point. We use a cleaning brush specialized for use on leather to get into its tiny crevasses. In this way, we reach and remove deeply embedded soil, dust, atmospheric pollutants, etc. These elements are harmful because they dry out the leather and remove its natural oils. We remove the resulting loose soil with white towels.

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