Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning


Beware of the improper cleaning methods out there that use cheap harsh chemicals that strip leather of its essential natural oil. Such abuse causes leather to dry out and harden. The drier leather becomes, the more brittle its surface and the more cracks will appear. Improper cleanings can literally be worse for your leather furniture than not cleaning them at all. In contrast to such a method, we at Elite Floor & Furniture Cleaning use a mild cleaning solution as our base and then customize it depending on your specific leathers needs. We also use specialized non-damaging cleaning brushes that are gentle and yet very effective at reaching and removing deeply imbedded soil, dust, atmospheric pollutants from leathers nooks and crannies.

Leather Cleaning Process

Elite provides a complete leather cleaning service. We apply leather cleanser to remove all traces of soiling from the surface of the leather hide. This process takes some time and is completed by hand. This is because we want to restore your valuable soft leather furnishing to as close-to-new condition as possible.

You will receive an experienced technician that is knowledgeable about the many different kinds of leather. By knowing precisely the characteristics of your specific leather. Our method will yield you the best cleaning results while protecting the leathers integrity.  The results will astound you. Even six month old leather pieces can show huge improvement after our detailed cleaning.

Before you hire us, ask our technician for a free no-obligation demonstration. Our spot cleaning a small portion of your leather furniture will show you the magnificent result.


Leather Conditioning

In addition to our fabulous result-producing cleaning, we can include leather conditioning as part of our service to you. Leather conditioning should always go hand in hand with cleaning. Conditioning replaces shine on finished leather and helps impede future wear, soiling, fading and cracking.

It is very important to condition leather once every year; more often if it sees heavy use or is in direct light as these accelerate leather dehydration.

Conditioning helps repair slight fading and sun damage by darkening leathers color. Our leather conditioning service is essential for the life, looks and durability of your newly cleaned furniture.
There are 3 different types of leather furniture:

  1. Finished (shiny surface)
  2. Semi-finished (medium shine)
  3. Unfinished (matte)

Finished Leather


About 90% of all leather furniture we treat has a gloss or semi-gloss shine to it. Finished leather is a very practical covering and youll enjoy leather pieces covered in it for a long time with proper cleaning.

However, when leather is not maintained respectfully in a regular manner, its handsomeness will become hidden by soiling, cooking and body oils, and atmospheric pollutants( such as automobile fumes particles that have settled on your furniture).

These impurities cover and begin to oxidize leathers surface causing it to dehydrate as its natural oils evaporate. Very fine dust particles will then penetrate leathers organic crevasses which may lead to cracks and splits. The main cause of cracked leather is the drying and dehydration process.

In addition to cracking, non-maintained leather starts to fade. This is especially true if the leather is in an area of your home that has bright lights or is in direct sunlight. If body oils are present and left on the leather, it will start to dissolve the finishing dyes that are in the leather which causes its original color to fade, and its surface to dry out and even start to crack in some cases.

These are the main reasons why you should have us renew your leather from time to time to restore it to an as-new condition.

Unfinished Leather

Aniline, NuBuck, Suede, etc.

Unfinished and semi-finished leather is very soft, beautiful and earth toned. For these reasons, interior decorators recommend it to their clients all the time. Unfortunately, its understated raw beauty comes with a price as, practically speaking; this type of leather is more for display than for everyday living.

Natural leather acts as a sponge. It drinks up any and all moisture (including oil). It soils very easily. These two facts make unprotected leather very hard to clean.

We will put our decades of experience to work for you and give you the best cleaning results possible. One truly needs much expertise, knowledge and carefulness to get the best cleaning results possible for unfinished or semi-finished leather furniture.

There are types of unfinished leather that can only be hand cleaned by blending in moisture in very carefully. Still other types of unfinished leather need to be 100% dry cleaned. Its vital that you hire someone who is very experienced with the way different unprotected leather responds so that they accordingly use different methods for each.

Although we cant guarantee the fabulous results our finished leather method produces, most of our clients are very satisfied with the results of these specialized unfinished leather cleaning procedures. We do the best that can be done keeping in mind the narrow cleaning margin of such a very absorbent material.

Unfinished Leather Conditioning and Protecting. We include leather furniture conditioning treatment after our cleaning. This will afford your unfinished furniture some much needed protection from dehydration and fading. As there is heightened danger of darkening due to the conditioners moisture, we will test it beforehand and ask for your approval before proceeding.

Your leather furniture will truly receive a complete cleaning with Elite Floor & Furniture Cleaning.

We at Elite Floor & Furniture Cleaning have learned priceless knowledge about the proper way to treat all types of leather and the way certain stains react to leather. We will do the best possible job for you. Rest assured, we are not a fly by night operation. We not only aim to please you but we aim to completely impress you so that you invite us back in the future.


1. How often do I need to have my leather furniture cleaned and conditioned?
This can vary depending on where the furniture is located in your home and how much use it gets. For leather furniture that gets regular use but does not sit in direct sunlight, the answer is about once a year. If your leather furniture is daily in direct sunlight, it may need cleaning and conditioning every 3-6 months to keep it in great condition. Leather is prone to cracking and fading so its best to keep it out of the sun.