Leather Care

For All Leather Types


• Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight (under windows or skylights). All materials will fade over time when placed in direct sunlight. Some leathers are especially sensitive to sunlight.


• Maintain at least two feet between your furniture and heating sources. Prolonged exposure to heat vents and radiators will cause your leather to dry out.


• Like all items in your house, leather can accumulate dust. You can fully remove dust particles from the surface with a soft cloth, making it ideal for dust sensitive persons.


• Certain types of leathers perform better when preventative maintenance is practiced. Your retailer may offer additional Leather Care and Maintenance suggestions or products.


• Use of general household cleaning products, chemicals and abrasives are not recommended as they can break down the leather’s protective surface and cause damage. Never use harsh chemicals or cleaning agents (such as furniture polish, ammonia, or detergent soaps) on your leather furniture. Avoid all products containing solvents, silicones, or oils, as they may negatively affect the leather’s surface.


Leather’s Characteristics

COMFORT: Leather is a natural material.

• Leather is a lot like our skin – porous.
• Leather “breathes” by absorbing up to 15% of its own weight in humidity/water. It absorbs and releases moisture that never stays on the surface enabling it to adjust to our body temperature.
• Leather has excellent temperature adaptation making it comfortable during the heat of the summer and cool of the winter.

• Leather molds to a form, but will not stretch out of shape. Leather conforms to your body shape and becomes more comfortable with use. Only leather ages so that it becomes more supple throughout the years.

• Each leather hide is unique – No one hide is exactly like another. Leather comes with its own distinctive markings and characteristics making each purchase truly unique.

• Leather has legendary tear strength making it one of the strongest upholstery materials known to man. Leather’s strength and elasticity gives it high ripping resistance.

• Leather is naturally flame resistant and will not readily burn or melt.

• When properly maintained, leather is easy to clean. Like our skin, leather has tight as well as strong fibers that prevent the penetration of dust, lint, animal hairs, or cigarette smoke. Leather is an ideal choice for those persons who are dust-sensitive or possess allergenic conditions.


We at Elite, have 4, 8, and 12 month maintenance cleaning programs to help preserve your leather investment.