Natural Stone & Tile Care

Stone & Tile Care


20140303_121511Identifying the type of natural stone or tile is challenging for the untrained eye.   Specialized classes in tile and stone cleaning and restoration have been taken to ensure proper identification resulting in a custom cleaning solution for the best possible results.  This also is to provide our customers with the latest in state of the art equipment, knowledge, and products available. Each floor has its own style and beauty, giving your home its personality. Each stone reacts differently, requiring different cleaning solutions (PH), and sealers from, penetrating or topical, depending on the floor. We have developed the ability to know which, PH Solution and sealer, is needed to get the results your looking for.

There are three major classifications of Tile that we clean inside or outdoors:

1. Man made hard ceramic or porcelain

Endless styles, textures and patterns. Some smooth, some textured.


2. Vinyl or vinyl composite (vct)

3. Natural Stone (countless varieties of colors and textures available)

Sedimentary- Sandstone, Limestone, Travertine, Flagstone
Metamorphic- Marbles, Slate, Canterra
Igneous- Granite
Mixtures- Agglomerate, Terrazzo

The texture, patterns, colors, porosity, and your personal preference will effect the outcome of your floors results. It is important to us that you are 100% satisfied with the results, and that satisfaction starts with our free, no obligation demonstration. This will give you an opportunity to see what can be done for your floor. When you call most companies you’ll get a salesman at your door who’s only goal is to sell a job, when we come out you’ll get straight answers and a NO PRESSURE quote that you can count on as being the very BEST VALUE for your dollar. We won’t use a lot of fancy industry lingo to impress or intimidate you, we’ll explain the best way to solve your issues. This is done in-home and in-person. So while I would be happy to answer any questions that you might have about the process in general, I insist on seeing the stone and being able to grasp the magnitude of the project before offering a firm written quote.  Give me a call today and let’s transform your stone floor.