Holiday Entertaining? You Might Want to Prepare for a Wine Spill.


So you just had the whole house cleaned and you’re ready to entertain for the holidays.  Neighbors, family, friends and unexpected visitors will be admiring your holiday festive house!  With the oncoming traffic of guests, messes and spills are inevitable but treatable!  Here are a few tips on treating  the “classic red wine spill”.

If you spilled red wine on fabric, I think it’s easy to take care of, as long as you tend to it right away.  However, if you decide to chit chat with an old friend and forget about it, well… let’s hope for the best!  First, sponge the spot with cold water or soak for about 30 minutes in cold water.  Then treat it again with a prewash stain remover before you put it in the laundry.

If you spilled wine on upholstery, start by blotting up as much of the spill as you can.  Mix 1 tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap with 2 cups of cool water.  Then use an absorbent clean rag to apply the dishwashing soap and water solution to your upholstery.  Blot with another clean rag to absorb both the solution and spilled wine.  Repeat this process until yovinegaru see the stain diminish.

If you spilled wine on your carpet, you definitely have to take care of it pronto!  Blot up as much of the spilled wine as possible.  (Yes, you already knew that.)  Mix 1 tablespoon of white vinegar with 2 cups of warm water.  Use a clean rag to sponge the stain with the vinegar solution. Apply a small amount at a time,(vinegar is powerful) blotting frequently with a dry rag until the stain lessens.

Now, if you waited too long to attend to the stain or you feel that it needs something even more powerful, use hydrogen peroxide.  If you don’t have a bottle of it in your medicine cabinet, you can find it at your local drug store.  (Due to the reactive quality o31mdnnk8xlf hydrogen peroxide, wear gloves when handling)  Test the hydrogen peroxide solution on a spot of carpet to see if it has an adverse effect on your carpet.  If it does, DO NOT use the hydrogen peroxide solution to clean the wine spill.  If your carpet shows a neutral effect, then you have the green light to use it.  Find an old spray bottle, like an empty Windex bottle.  (Make sure it is cleaned out well.)  Then, mix 1 part liquid dishwashing soap with 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. This can be a small solution.  Don’t feel you have to fill up the entire bottle.  The great part is that you can spray on the solution on your stain instead of using a rag to apply it.  Blot with clean rag.  Rinse well once you see the stain lessen.  Now, go and celebrate with your guests!  Happy Holidays from Elite Floor and Furniture Cleaning!

Justin, Ava, and Sonia Kissel

When to Use Carpet Protector?

  • How do you determine if carpet protection is worth the money for you?
  • Do you have kids that often make messes, or adults that do or maybe they both make messes?
  • Is your carpet getting a lot of wear and tear of late?
  • It might be worth spending the extra money to make it easier on yourself to clean up the messes, plus you’ll get a little more life out of your carpet.

I am sure you already know how carpet protection works. (Dirt gets repelled from the carpet fibers and prevents them from absorbing the spills.)

Did you know it also helps to reduce fading from the sun?  For Arizonians, that’s very important.  If your carpet is fairly new, less than four years old, and it hasn’t seen much traffic and had many messes, you probably do not need carpet protector.  Really, you don’t.  After all, carpet protector is a safeguard for high traffic areas.  If you do decide to get carpet protector, it’s best done annually, for older carpets or every 2 years.   And if you have the time, you can do it yourself with a bottle of protector and a carpet brush. A gallon of carpet protector can cover up to about 1,500 square feet ($90-$135 gallon).

Here are Reasons Why My Clients Requested Carpet Protector:

1. One client of mine had a cute little dog that liked to “go” in a certain spot of her carpet.  She found that area was more worn compared to the rest of the carpet.  Eventually, she replaced the carpet.  She was adamant about having carpet protector on her new carpet, so that the same area did not have an “ugly spot”.  I am not sure if her dog still likes to “go” in the same spot but her carpet looks great!  Protector will allow you to remove spots and spills more effectively, before it becomes a permanent stain.

2. I had a couple who didn’t want to have their entire house tiled and they wanted to save their carpet from being destroyed in the high traffic areas.  I said that they should try the carpet protector to see if it makes a significant difference.  If they did not see improvement, then removing the carpet might be the solution.  In four months time, they said they noticed a big difference with the carpet protector.  They were surprised since their carpet was eight years old.  They found they vacuumed more often and were glad to not have to replace their carpet with tile.  The more you vacuum your protected carpet the soils will release from the carpet pile much more effectively.

3. And when the big messes happen, I usually get called.  But if you have the protector it can lessen the big mess to a medium sized mess.  Thus, having carpet protector helps avoid COSTLY service calls.

Carpeting Cleaning is Chemistry Not Marketing

Last week, I had a customer call me with the following question.  “Can you tell us what you will be using to clean with; hot carbonated water and is it  extracted at the same time?  I want to avoid adding chemical products that may attract /hold dirt.”

hot water extraction

Hmm…. sounds like the customer has heard from some really awesome marketers,  ZEROREZ.  Your local carpet cleaners might not have a full time marketing team advertising for them, but they do know the chemistry to remove dirt from your floors.  Simply put, when applying a cleaning agent to carpet, it is physically impossible to completely remove residue.  ZEROREZ® uses a product called “Primacide B fluid”. This product is either made by EAU Technologies (the creator of empowered water™) describes “the active ingredient in Primacide B is sodium hydroxide”.  However, sodium hydroxide, also known as Lye is found in many drain cleaners and oven cleaners, it is highly corrosive (in high concentrations) and will eventually turn into sodium carbonate when exposed to carbon dioxide in the air.  Thus, their statement of using non-toxic detergents and leaving no residue is false.  (To learn more go to Carpetguru10)

Marketing residue free carpets is something that ethical carpet cleaners DON’T DO!  An experienced carpet cleaner knows that hot water extraction can rinse out as much residue as possible.  I know because I have used this method in over a thousand homes and commercial property.  An inexperienced carpet cleaner might over wet your carpet or leave a dangerously high PH balance in your carpets.  This might result in deterioration and discoloration.  Here are the steps I take.

Elite’s Thorough 12 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

1: Survey & Pre-inspection Point out areas you would like cleaned and get special attention.  We will give you an evaluation of expected results.

2: Prep & Pre-vacuuming   First, we raise the matted fibers in high use areas. Then our powerful commercial vacuum picks up roughly 79% of dry soil. This is vital to getting your carpet truly clean.

3: Moving of Furniture It is included in our regular pricing for sofas, chairs, and smaller items. If you would like heavier items to be moved such as beds & dressers, you will be quoted for the extra move.

4: Pre-conditioning A heated pre-conditioning agent is applied on all heavy traffic areas to help break down and suspend the soil and spots.

5: Pre-Spot Treatment Spots are identified and pre-treated with special solutions.

6: Agitation and Soil Suspension Specialty brushes/ tools are used to further loosen sticky soil and debris separating it from fiber surfaces.

7: Extraction Without over wetting your carpet, our   hot softened water extraction process releases and flushes soil away. (This is a necessary step to ensure soil removal and increase the life of your carpet.)

8: Rinse and Neutralize Your clean carpet will also be pH balanced afterwards so that there is no sticky residue left behind.

9: Post Spot If there are remaining spots or stains, we will reapply specialty solutions and rinse.

10: Final Grooming Most carpets must be groomed again to ensure your carpet dries the fastest and in the correct position.

11: Speed Drying Commercial fans expedite the drying process substantially, typically only 4-8 hours.

12: Post Cleaning Inspection & Briefing We will do a walk through with you to show you the cleaning results.  We’ll offer suggestions on how to maintain your healthy, soft & clean carpet.

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Taking Your Granite, for Granted? Tips for Granite Counter Top Maintenance

Granite Counter Top Maintenance and Care
Granite counter tops are so popular in residential installations because they are so durable. However, maintaining can be easy if you keep up with it.  Here are my tips:
Granite Counter top Maintenance
  1. Seal your counter tops annually, it helps with the longevity of your granite.
  2. Clean your counter tops with ammonia-free Windex and dry them with a terry cloth towel (terry cloth absorbs moisture well).
  3. Buff them with “000” steel wool to remove difficult grime.
  4. Be cautious when cutting on granite.  I have seen some pretty bad gauges and it takes a lot of arduous work to recondition them.  So, please practice light cutting on your granite surface.  Plus, granite is much harder than metal, which means that  your kitchen knives will dull faster.
  5. DO NOT use harsh or abrasive detergents!  They are very damaging to surface of the natural stone.
  6. Although, granite is an igneous rock which makes it impervious to damage from common household kitchen acids like vinegar, soft drinks, and citrus drinks, DO NOT leave acidic liquids on the surface for extended periods of time. Like any natural stone, it will go through wear and tear with acidic liquids.
  7. Your granite counter tops are high quality natural stone that needs high quality attention.  Just remembering the six tips above will give you continuous luster and shine of your granite counter top!  20160806_150832

“SUNNER” Time in Valley of the SUN

Locals know that summer in Phoenix is the most dreaded time of the year.  Hopefully, summer vacations are spent away in cooler climates.  However, if you are staying in sunny Arizona, your floors might not get much down time and show more stress in the summer months.  Having friends and family over to hang out by the pool and enjoy cookouts are a great way of keeping your company outdoors!  But, you might have chances of spills and messes when your visitors head inside your home.

Or maybe you brought some of the beach back from your last trip to San Diego?  Did you find some sand in  your sandals, bags, swimsuits, and everything else that was packed?  Like standard dirt, sand particles cut through fabrics, making wear appear earlier than it should in your carpets. Summer carpet cleaning helps limit the impact of sand and other debris.

Also, our favorite family members; our pets are quite active in during “sunner” months. If you have cats with an affinity to hunt for birds and other small animals, or dogs that might be taking more dips in the pool than yourself, your carpets and floors would benefit from a cleaning to ensure the odors and bacteria do not stay inside your home for the long-term.

This summer, schedule a cleaning with Elite Floor and Furniture Cleaning!  We will keep the most damaging dirt particles out of your home so things don’t get worse.  Clean carpets and floors show off how beautiful your house truly is. This summer, I’ve worked hard to remove stubborn spots and dirt in high traffic areas.  Take a look at the pictures below.  I don’t perform miracles, but I do use cleaning methods that have transformed even the most heavily soiled furniture and flooring.  Call to schedule a cleaning, 480-710-4110.  Then invite your family and friends over to show off your gleaming cleaned floors!  Enjoy the sun without the dirt!

It’s natural to want the best for your Natural Stone

Natural stone is such a great value to your home.  Not only is it a beautiful enhancement but also when natural stone is well maintained, it can last a lifetime!   Just maintain your natural stone to keep it looking its optimal condition.  Don’t give it the opportunity to deteriorate.

Elite’s Pre-Inspection and Preparation
All Natural Stone cleaning and restoration as well as sealing jobs must be preceded by a thorough pre-inspection. Here we determine a customized care plan to meet your specific needs for your specific floor.  We will take the necessary precautions to protect all areas surrounding your floors with 24” plastic sheets and blue tape.

Elite’s Cleaning
Cleaning Processes vary from floor to floor, many variables include make-up, maintenance, soiling conditions, traffic, use, etc… When cleaning any stone floor we use the most scientifically advanced cleaning products and the floor is then machine or hand scrubbed and brushed. And the care put into your floor cleaning will clearly show!

Finally the Rotovac with hard surface head and a Gecko floor cleaning tool, connected to a truck-mounted hot water extraction system is used, achieving maximum soil removal and best overall cleaning results.

Elite’s Polishing
Stone is mechanically finished to produce a high gloss shine. Look at the picture below of the high gloss floor.

Very light etches, scuffs and scratches may be removed with the polishing process, but diamond grinding is needed if the stone surface has medium deep etches, scuffs and scratches.  If desired, polished marble, granite, travertine or limestone can be mechanically honed to remove pre-existing surface polish.  So for maintenance of your natural stone, the natural solution is Elite Floor and Furniture Cleaning.

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Spring Sneezing, Wheezing, Trouble Breathing? Maybe It’s Time for a Spring Cleaning?

It’s that time of year in Arizona, plants and trees bloom early here.  The desert life is beautiful and we welcome this time of year.  However, it’s allergy season for everyone!  You, me and even your cats and dogs.  Let’s take some preemptive measures to improve the breathing quality in our homes.

Carpeting, furniture, mattresses, pillows and stuffed animals serve as breeding grounds for dust mites and are littered with their dead bodies and waste. Simply walking across your carpet launches the waste and debris airborne and can stay in the air for quite some time, ending up on your eyes, nose, and even in your lungs.  Those who are allergic to dust mites, pollen, cat dander or mold can take steps to improve the air quality in your home.  Here are some of my recommendations:

  1. Clean your mattresses and pillows
  2. Wash your all your bedding and pillows in hot water once a week
  3. Vacuum regularly and vacuum often during allergy season.
  4. Clean your air ducts in your heating at least once a year.
  5. Clean your upholstery, drapes and curtains twice a year
  6. Clean your carpets every three to six months using hot water extraction to get your carpets thoroughly cleaned.

Elite’s Carpet Cleaning Process 

Preconditioning-A preconditioning agent is applied in all traffic and heavy use areas to help break down and emulsify soil and spots resulting in a more thorough cleaning.
Pre-Spot Treatment- Spots are identified and pre-treated with special solutions to enhance chances of removal.
Agitation and Pre-grooming- A professional carpet groomer, rotary extractor, or rotary brush is used to further loosen the soil.

Extraction-This is the process where soils that have been loosened and suspended by preconditioning are flushed away by hot water extraction without over wetting your carpet.
Rinse and Neutralize-Your carpet that was cleaned will be pH balanced afterwards so that there is no sticky residue left behind. This also leaves your carpet soft and fresh.

Speed Drying-Powerful air moving equipment is used to aid in the drying time (typically 3-6 hours).
Post Cleaning Inspection-Your cleaning results will be pointed out to you with your specialist to ensure you satisfaction. Future expectations of carpet performance are given to you.

After, your carpets have been cleaned, you might notice less sneezing, wheezing and find breathing is easier.  Now with a cleaned house, you can breath in the beauty of the desert and maybe enjoy seeing a rainbow in the our Arizona sky!