Should I Replace My Carpet?

The appearance of your carpet is a major factor when thinking about replacing your carpet. Is it looking worn, are there visible stains or is it retaining a musty odor? Perhaps, replacing your carpet is a good idea. However, it might need to be postponed since we are in the midst of a pandemic. In the interim, you can take the time to evaluate if a professional carpet cleaning is needed to spruce it up or have it replaced.

hot water extraction
  1. Is your carpet showing wear and tear? All carpets will show signs of matted carpet fibers in high traffic areas. Especially, polyester carpet which is easy to compress has little chance of returning to its natural shape. A professional carpet cleaning might make your carpet more resilient as well as give it a good chance to return to its lifted shape if the carpet is not older than five years.
  2. Is your carpet chock full of stains? Stains are inevitable. Just look at these carpets I’ve cleaned.

Even though all carpets have some type of anti-stain treatment applied to it’s fibers. Carpet protector is an anti-stain treatment that is applied to the surface can helps repel dirt for a period of time.  I recommend carpet protector be applied when I’m cleaning my clients’ carpets because the soils will release from the carpet pile much more effectively from each vacuum.

3. Is your padding worn out? The function of carpet padding is to protect the floor below from the abrasive underside of the carpet. In other words, carpet padding extends the life of your carpet. If you have foam as carpet padding, it could be crumbling, which is a sign to replace the padding. But why replace the padding if you’re not going to replace the carpet as well? In the future, it’s worth it to put down quality padding so you don’t have to replace it.

4. Recommendations? Get carpet that is either 100% nylon or wool . They are the most resilient fibers and easier to get debris and stains out. If you decide to postpone replacing your carpet, schedule a carpet cleaning and see if it revitalizes your carpet!