“SUNNER” Time in Valley of the SUN

Locals know that summer in Phoenix is the most dreaded time of the year.  Hopefully, summer vacations are spent away in cooler climates.  However, if you are staying in sunny Arizona, your floors might not get much down time and show more stress in the summer months.  Having friends and family over to hang out by the pool and enjoy cookouts are a great way of keeping your company outdoors!  But, you might have chances of spills and messes when your visitors head inside your home.

Or maybe you brought some of the beach back from your last trip to San Diego?  Did you find some sand in  your sandals, bags, swimsuits, and everything else that was packed?  Like standard dirt, sand particles cut through fabrics, making wear appear earlier than it should in your carpets. Summer carpet cleaning helps limit the impact of sand and other debris.

Also, our favorite family members; our pets are quite active in during “sunner” months. If you have cats with an affinity to hunt for birds and other small animals, or dogs that might be taking more dips in the pool than yourself, your carpets and floors would benefit from a cleaning to ensure the odors and bacteria do not stay inside your home for the long-term.

This summer, schedule a cleaning with Elite Floor and Furniture Cleaning!  We will keep the most damaging dirt particles out of your home so things don’t get worse.  Clean carpets and floors show off how beautiful your house truly is. This summer, I’ve worked hard to remove stubborn spots and dirt in high traffic areas.  Take a look at the pictures below.  I don’t perform miracles, but I do use cleaning methods that have transformed even the most heavily soiled furniture and flooring.  Call to schedule a cleaning, 480-710-4110.  Then invite your family and friends over to show off your gleaming cleaned floors!  Enjoy the sun without the dirt!

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