Taking Your Granite, for Granted? Tips for Granite Counter Top Maintenance

Granite Counter Top Maintenance and Care
Granite counter tops are so popular in residential installations because they are so durable. However, maintaining can be easy if you keep up with it.  Here are my tips:
Granite Counter top Maintenance
  1. Seal your counter tops annually, it helps with the longevity of your granite.
  2. Clean your counter tops with ammonia-free Windex and dry them with a terry cloth towel (terry cloth absorbs moisture well).
  3. Buff them with “000” steel wool to remove difficult grime.
  4. Be cautious when cutting on granite.  I have seen some pretty bad gauges and it takes a lot of arduous work to recondition them.  So, please practice light cutting on your granite surface.  Plus, granite is much harder than metal, which means that  your kitchen knives will dull faster.
  5. DO NOT use harsh or abrasive detergents!  They are very damaging to surface of the natural stone.
  6. Although, granite is an igneous rock which makes it impervious to damage from common household kitchen acids like vinegar, soft drinks, and citrus drinks, DO NOT leave acidic liquids on the surface for extended periods of time. Like any natural stone, it will go through wear and tear with acidic liquids.
  7. Your granite counter tops are high quality natural stone that needs high quality attention.  Just remembering the six tips above will give you continuous luster and shine of your granite counter top!  20160806_150832

5 thoughts on “Taking Your Granite, for Granted? Tips for Granite Counter Top Maintenance

  1. I wouldn’t have thought to seal my counter tops. That is good to know so they can stay looking fresh and new. I would love to be able to keep them looking as good as they can. That way I won’t have to replace them often.


  2. Thanks for these tips for granite counter tops. I actually didn’t know that you should practice light cutting on the surface. I’m interested to learn what is considered light cutting, or if you should just avoid cutting on the surface all together.


    1. Taylor, light cutting would be as sharp as a butter knife to cut a sandwich. I wouldn’t go using your counter top as a cutting board. However, it’s a great clean surface to roll out dough. Light cutting is meant to be infrequent too. Thanks for making sure!


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