What You Need to Know about Pet Spots and Odor

Pet spots and odors require immediate attention for best results.  And even the utmost care in cleaning might not get the spots and odors completely removed.  It is difficult to say your pet spots will be completely gone. But if you use the checklist below, you can figure out if it’s going to be simple to get out or more involved.

Pet Stain Checklist

  • How long ago did the pet spot(s) occur?
  • Do you suspect urine spots you are unaware of? (Elite uses a high power black light to find spots not visible to the naked eye)
  • Sometimes pets like to return to the same area to do their “business”. Do you think this is a favorite spot for your pet?
  • Is your carpet cleaned at least once a year or more?
  • How badly is the area soiled?
  • Did you try to treat it yourself and the spots and odors still did not come out?

*Most pet stains will take at least two treatments and most likely the third treatment.  However, people do not want a carpet cleaner coming to their house more than once.  In addition, most people feel that would have to pay for multiple visits.  Elite does not charge for the post- treatments.

Recent Review from Marianne 

5 star rating 10/14/2018

Justin and Elite Floor & Furniture Cleaners are awesome!!! Every phone call and text were responded to quickly. I received a quote the same day and was able to schedule cleaning my rugs and couch within a week. The best part – a stain showed up on my couch after it was cleaned, and Justin came back not once, but twice (!!) (it was a pet stain (?) I was not aware of) to get it clean! He responded so quickly and returned twice within a week. I’m so impressed with his care and the quality of his cleaning. He was prompt, professional and friendly. I’d recommend his services to anyone and everyone I know! Thanks again Justin!! 

Here’s What You Need to Know

The quicker the response time in addressing the spots and odors makes all the difference in the level of difficulty to reduce or remove spots and odors.

Once found, the area needs to be extracted and treated with chemicals that are appropriate for that spots and odors.  For example, urine treatment requires different chemicals to be cleaned properly.

The area must be completely dried which takes up to 48 hours.  After the treatment, more of the stain will come up to surface.  This is why a post-treatment is a part of the cleaning process.  This is normal.

Elite Floor and Furniture Cleaning include the post-treatment in the total cost.  So don’t be shy when a post-treatment is needed.  Remember, it is most likely expected.

There are three treatments available to address the level of damage. 

  1. The spots and odors are a few months old and may be removed with a topical enzyme treatment.
  2. The spots and odors have aged more and there is a strong odor. This occurs with cats because they have a higher concentration of urine than dogs.
Kitten at play

Thus, a pre-treatment, subsurface is needed.  Some of Elite’s clients’ have had success with “Nature’s Miracle” which can be found at your local pet store.

3. The spots and odors are deeply soiled which requires a carpet pad replacement and sealing the subfloor extraction and a post-treatment if needed.

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