Tips to Disinfect Your Home and Office from COVID-19

20190520_193046Here in the Phoenix area weather conditions are usually predictable but recently we’ve have a unexpected bout of rain.  Thus, it’s a challenge to keep your home or office clean from mud, rain, and debris.  But perhaps, the most surprising challenge is to keep your environment coronavirus free.  We can make our best attempt to keep the COVID-19 at bay.  First, if you get the opportunity to purchase disinfectants, with the shortage of cleaning supplies look for disinfectants with 62-71% ethanol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite (bleach).  The coronavirus can become inactive with the use of such disinfectants.disinfects.jpgSince it is possible to become infected by touching a contaminated surface or object, and then touching the face (eyes, nose and mouth), keep counter tops, tables, door knobs, any common area where hands come into contact well-disinfected.  In addition, you know my concern is that you keep floors cleaned!  Here are a few tips:

  • Get a DEEP clean!

20170930_10581220191105_113202What that entails is that a professional floor cleaning machine has the power to get rid of months of buildup and layers of dirt.  The high-powered machines can efficiently sanitize hard surfaces; tile and natural stone, as well as wood or vinyl flooring.  So it is worthwhile to get a deep cleaning done.

  • matIf you don’t already have them, get outdoor/indoor mats for all entrances. The first line of defense is to create a barrier so that dirt and debris don’t enter your home or office.  The quality of the an entrance mat is extremely important.  How well the mat is textured to pick up dust particles and soil will greatly reduce the amount of dirt that enters your home.  
  • Disinfect and clean regularly. Set up a cleaning schedule that works for you.  Be consistent about cleaning up high traffic areas.  This might be as often as cleaning daily.
  • In light of the spread of the coronavirus, Elite is offering disinfecting & sanitizing services.
  • Disinfectants destroy all organisms in 10 minutes, requiring a stronger solution than sanitizers.
  • Microfiber cleaning tools work best. microfibermopOut of the many cleaning tools out there, microfiber picks up debris the best, hands down!  I still use traditional cotton towels but microfiber precludes dirt from returning when mopping.  When you are ready for a professional floor cleaning, call Elite Floor and Furniture Cleaning at 480-710-4110 to schedule an appointment.

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